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"We are hardwired to connect with others, it's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering."

– Brené Brown

“Working with Rachel was a true blessing. Her warmth, compassion, and commitment allowed me a safe place to uncover the wounds of my past and make tremendous progress in healing them. I felt validated, accepted, and supported without reserve or condition on her part. This created the nurturing environment I needed to move forward in my life. We've all suffered wounds of varying degree and magnitude as a part of this human experience. These wounds impact our everyday life, robbing us of the joyful, fulfilling life that we were meant to have. The only way past the pain that holds us back from this type of life is through it. You can't heal if you don't feel as they say. The safe space that Rachel created for me was instrumental in helping me do exactly that; feel and heal. I'm not sure I possess the words to adequately express my gratitude for the opportunity to work with her and receive the gifts she has given me. The effect she has had on my life has been profound.”

- Jeff C.,
  Previous Client

“Rachel Lucas is a strong and versatile clinician.  She is both well experienced and very skillful in treating substance use concerns, trauma, sexual assault, mood disorders, anxiety, and everything in between.  I highly recommend Rachel as a therapist, particularly for folx who feel confused or uncertain about how to engage with therapy.  Rachel is able to help people clearly identify what is causing distress, and then guides her clients through a compassionate and productive healing practice.  If you are ready for the work and seek outstanding results, Rachel Lucas is the therapist for you.”

- Jennifer Brandsma, LPC,
Associate Director, Clinical Director of Counseling Services at Colorado State University's Health Network

“Rachel's passion for healing and genuineness come through right away. I was immediately drawn to Rachel as a friend and colleague and have been repeatedly enriched by her insights, collaboration, and skill. Her many years of experience have yielded a calm and self-assured presence in her work that empowers clients to do deep and meaningful therapy. She is a heartfelt speaker whose teachings about working from a trauma-informed lens have empowered clients and clinicians alike. I never hesitate to recommend Rachel as a counselor or speaker and I look forward to many more years of her powerful influence in our community.”

- Emilie Ryan, LPC, NCC, RYT, SEP
Owner, Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner at Sense Of Self Counseling and Mindfulness, LLC

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